Specifics of medical Texts translation

A medical text is a text with content and terminology related to the medical field. It might be user manuals for medical items, medical reports, test protocols for medical items, various publications in medical journals, clinical trial results, and so on..

The key point that distinguishes the translation of medical texts from many other types of translation is a high level of responsibility. In many cases, a mistake in a translation may cost a human life. Translations must be as clear and as accurate as possible and use the correct terminology. We can’t afford for anything to go wrong here. Therefore, each translation passes through a number of steps of verification: editing, terminological conformity check, proofreading, and a final quality check.

In some cases, in addition to translators and editors specializing in medical translation, medical specialists who are experts in certain fields become involved in projects. The final translations are verified by these specialists to ensure conformity with industry standards.

Please note that in order to receive medical translations of the highest quality, it is greatly appreciated that clients provide all available references and background materials. Any documentation related to both the original and translated text, previously translated documents (if available), any glossaries and accepted terminology lists may be used as reference materials.

Collaboration between the translator and the client is a necessary condition for receiving a high-quality medical translation.

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