All about marketing translation and it’s specific revised

Marketing translation differs from other kinds of translation because it is used for advertising purposes. It seems difficult to overestimate the importance of marketing translation since it has a real impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Basically, technical translation is similar to the instructions enclosed within product packaging. Marketing translation is akin to the design and the text printed on the packaging that directly effects the client’s sales and profits.

Translation of marketing materials has its specific points.

Style comes first; accuracy comes second. Literal translation is not required in the sphere of advertising so don’t ask the translator for a word-for-word interpretation of the source text.

Marketing translation rates may differ significantly from the rates for standard translation, e.g. the translation of one page may take two hours or as much as one day.

Forget about economizing. This is probably our most important advice. All of us are aware of the importance of budgeting, and this is why we find it quite frustrating to count the endless number of times we had to send marketing translations provided by unqualified translators for additional revision. Often, the texts had not been edited and experienced translators then had to create a completely new version of the translations.

Professionals focus on the overall style of the document and are capable of seeing the details and nuances and apply their expertise to achieve a better result. Translators with no relevant qualifications force their way, defeat their own efforts, and waste the allocated budget. The best solution is to begin collaboration with a short test. Translators are given a text fragment to translate. The result of their work provides a complete picture and enables you to estimate how satisfied you are with the style, manner, and quality of the translated text fragment. After a positive decision is made, the project can then be sent for translation.

In practice, marketing translation is delivered by a group of certified experts specializing in creative translation, editing, and copywriting. This group of professionals applies specific processes and quality criteria in their work. Marketing translation usually takes more time and is paid at higher rates. Don’t expect the same timeline or costs as for the translation of technical or general business documents. This approach is justified as it enables you to receive the end result of a high-quality professional translation that can be used for marketing and advertising campaigns.

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