Searching for translation service provider or how to avoid common mistakes revised

Each of us has dealt with the issue of service provider selection at least several times in our lives. In fact, we make choices every single day. We choose a store to buy food, a hairdressing salon to get a nice haircut, or a suitable resort to go on vacation. Every time we make a certain decision, whether we realize it or not, we form the criteria chain that defines our choices, and we also determine the importance of each criterion. The correlation between the criteria and their importance weight sets the platform for decision making.

The selection of language service providers is quite an interesting process. Let’s take a more detailed look at this. Depending on the particular situation, a wide variety of criteria might apply:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Project time frame
  • Availability of the approved service provider
  • Existence of an effective framework contract
  • Communication, etc.

It’s obvious that the quality of the translation is one of the most important aspects. Quality is a key criterion. However, sometimes other aspects matter more. This is relevant for the cases when it is necessary to present the result of the translation project within a very tight schedule, e. g. prepare the translation of presentation materials in any form tomorrow morning before the start of a conference. The project may also be given to a less experienced translator and paid at a lower rate when it is required to operate within certain budget constraints.

Sometimes there may be unforeseen circumstances that affect the selection of service providers, for example, the director of a company was out of the office for a month due to vacation and the work was continued with those translators who already had existing framework contracts with the company.

For a significant long-term project, the cost of a mistake is high. Therefore, it is better to choose verified and reliable translation service providers, avoiding excessive focus on low prices and short terms.

Communication is the second most important aspect of the service provider selection process. Let me tell you, you will find yourself in quite an unpleasant and stressful situation when you don’t receive a response from your service provider for a long time and have no information on the current status of the project. Although, if you don’t have any strict time limitations for the project this may not be an issue.

The main thing is to have a clear understanding of your goal, a vision of all required elements for its implementation, and be able to assess a potential service provider in terms of the above-mentioned criteria. Knowing your criteria will allow you to negotiate the terms of collaboration in advance and put some special clauses in the contract (penalties for late completion of the project, mandatory reports on the status of work on certain days of the week, etc.). Look around and you will see that you live in a world of growing opportunities where you can find a service provider who meets all your requirements and needs. We sincerely wish that you find the right partner. If you are still searching for the right one, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to work with you to resolve any issues you might have. 😊

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